What is CMLI?

The Canadian Muslim Leadership Institute (CMLI) is an organization committed to nurturing future leaders within Muslim communities. CMLI consists of a 6 month “Core” program comprised of 3 weekend retreats and 3 evening roundtables. Through these forums, CMLI participants will have the chance to connect and learn from activists, academics, leadership specialists, life coaches and facilitators focusing on critical thinking, self discovery and building cross community connections.

CMLI focuses on new approaches to engage community leaders from the 56 Muslim cultural communities in Canada.  CMLI provides a safe space to engage in dialogue on the ideas and opportunities that have the potential to benefit the larger Canadian community. CMLI also provides opportunities for its participants to engage in ‘hands on’ projects including fundraising campaigns, conferences, forums, town halls and conversation cafes.


CMLI inception

The CMLI concept grew out of a community forum organized by the Islamic Social Services Association (ISSA) on June 22, 2008. ISSA gathered stake-holders, volunteers, and representatives of Muslim organizations from across Manitoba. They gathered in Winnipeg to discuss the issues facing the community, to honour their achievements, and to plan for the future.

The forum participants recognized that to meet the needs of the future and ensure the continued growth of the community they would need to work together to build a strong and connected Muslim community, a community that could continue to actively contribute to Canadian society.


The Canadian Muslim Leadership Institute was created in response to this meeting and to the need for continued community discussion, growth, and planning.

CMLI believes that fundamental to prosperous and successful Muslim communities, is a generation of engaged leaders. CMLI further recognizes that everyone has the potential to be a leader and change maker and that leadership potential must be nurtured so that it can have a positive effect on the Muslim and Canadian communities.

CMLI Graduate Shahzad Musaddiq

CMLI recognizes the diversity of Muslim communities and the need to pool resources to nurture and grow future leaders. CMLI endeavours to support the leaders of the future by providing the training and skills necessary for them to engage with the larger Canadian community with confidence and pride in their heritage and beliefs.

Strong Muslim leaders will engage with the larger Canadian community enabling greater understanding and contributing to the cohesion of a multicultural Canada.


Our Vision

A strong, vibrant, diverse Canadian Muslim community that embraces its multicultural and multi ethnic background and is confident in its ability to develop knowledgeable and engaged Canadian community leaders.

Our Value Proposition

CMLI provides a leadership training program to develop emerging Canadian community leaders, within the diversity of Muslim communities, with the vision to strengthen existing relationships, create new and robust community connections, and to improve the quality of life for all Canadians through the open exchange of ideas.

Our Goals

The Canadian Muslim Leadership Institute will:

Identify • and nurture potential community leaders

Increase • the number of individuals who accept community leadership roles in the business, labour, voluntary and non-profit and government sectors

Apply • leadership training techniques that integrate a “case-in-point” teaching model, reflective practice, organizational, team building and community engagement and empowerment tools

Introduce • potential Muslim community leaders to practical situations that will heighten their appreciation of their communities’ history, strengths, and challenges

Instill • a sense of community stewardship among potential leaders

Develop • diverse networks of people who work together to strengthen the Muslim and Canadian communities

Provide • opportunities for Canadian Muslim Leadership Institute graduates to engage in strategic community dialogue with the Muslim and Canadian communities

Incorporate • graduates of the Canadian Muslim Leadership Institute into the organization by providing them with roles and responsibilities to support and further develop graduates

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One response to “About

  1. I am a simple Canadian citizen, a woman, not of the Muslim faith. I would just like you to know that I really like your Vision statement. I also want you to know that many of my friends and I support your Vision and do not accept the horrific and disgraceful abuse that many of your Muslim women are facing out in public. The behaviour of the racist/bigoted minority is shameful. I would like you to pass on to the Muslim women that there are many of us that support them, their attire, their faith, their choices. That is what Canada is about and unfortunately a minority of ignorant people are disgracing theirselves with their poor behaviour. Muslim women should not have to be afraid to be out in public. I give you my promise that if I ever encounter any person(s) being abusive in any way to any of your people, I will step forward and do my utmost to stop the perpetrators and protect your women and children to the best of my ability.

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